Zenith1500-2 Concrete Block Machine Project Put into Operation, Helping Mali Municipal Construction

Recently, Zenith 1500-2 automatic concrete block machine production line was put into operation in Mali. In the customer factory, the concrete blocks one by one are produced from the ZENITH1500-2 main machine, stacked through the elevator, and then sent to the curing room by the finger car for curing. The whole concrete block making machine production line without too much labors and highly automatic, which marks the arrival of the fully automatic era of concrete block production in Mali.

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Mali Zenith1500-2 Automatic Block Machine Project Background:

At an exhibition in 2019, the customer was attracted to the Zenith 1500-2 automatic block making machine and left the contact information. After nearly two years of order tracking and negotiation, with the efforts of the customer and Quangong Zenith Group, Zenith 1500-2 production line successfully arrived at the customer site in Bamako, the capital of Mali.
The cooperation has overcome various unstable factors brought by the global COVID-19 epidemic. At a time when the domestic political situation in Mali is turbulent, economic development has slowed down, and many projects have been forced to stop, we have overcome all difficulties and helped local municipal construction.

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Zenith1500 Block Machine Production Line Customer Site:

"By changing the mould and adjusting the parameters, ZENITH1500 block making machine production line can produce different concrete products, such as paving blocks, hollow blocks, solid blocks, curbstones etc. What’s more, the operation is convenient." The customer standing next to the QGM engineer praised repeatedly.

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Why QGM-ZENITH Block Machine Manufacturer is The First Choice:

The ZENITH1500-2 automatic block making machine production line in Mali has been highly praised by the customer. The customer is extremely impressed with this machine. In this production line, Zenith1500-2 block machine is one of QGM's main products.

ZENITH1500-2 - this series of block machines adopts German "super dynamic" servo vibration technology, the servo motor can make the fastest response in the shortest time and achieve the highest vibration performance. What’s more, the whole process of block making has low noise, high block production efficiency, fast forming, high compactness and good quality of concrete products. This has become the reason why this machine is popular in the market and favored by new customers.

It is worth mentioning that during the epidemic, our Chinese and German engineers resolutely stationed at the customer site in Mali to provide on-site guidance for installation and commissioning work. After nearly 3 months of installation, commissioning and trial production, the project was successfully put into production.

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Details of Zenith1500 Block Machine Production Line:

We provided the best production line configuration proposal for the customer according to the actual production situation. The customer chose Zenith 1500-2 block machine, which is matched with the batching and mixing system, finger car system, product delivery and cuber system independently developed and produced by QGM, which not only satisfied customers the quality requirements of the original German equipment also save the investment cost of customers.

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The Future of QGM-ZENITH Block Machine Manufacturer:

At the moment when the epidemic situation is severe, QGM has delivered on time and ensured the on-time production of customers, which is highly appreciated by customers. The representative of the client company said: "If there is a need for project expansion in the future, I will contact QGM as soon as possible..."

QGM will continue to innovate, provide the ultimate products for the global market, and provide customers with complete services to ensure the production of time, quality and quantity for global customers!

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Post time: Sep-26-2022